Project Chesed

mitzvah day 2

United Synagogue’s Project Chesed aims to enable members to perform acts of loving kindness that will make a difference to the wider Jewish community and to the wider world in which we live. Thanks to the great response from the community over the last two years, over 30 bags of clothes, toys and knitted and crocheted items have been sent through World Jewish Relief to impoverished and vulnerable families in Eastern Europe. Blankets are also now being sent to special homes in Northern Israel.  Donations collected by the community and friends have been sent to Camp Simcha and Jewish Care following a Jewish Bake Day and film evening. 

For more information about ways you can help make a difference, please speak to Lesley:  07709 093 080 or

Keeeep Knitting!


An easy way to help – just knit squares and let us have them to join into blankets. 


All you need:  Blankets


Needles:                      Size 8 (4mm) needles, double knitting wool (any colour)

Wool:                           Double knitting wool/any colour

No of Stitches:      3 stitches

Size:                            6” squares



Mitzvah Day 2014


Following the increasing success of Mitzvah Day – this will be our third year of participation – we would love you to volunteer to help with projects.

Please just let us know if you would like to give up your time (not money) this year on Sunday 16 November.